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This website has
good information on Anger Management.


Anger Managment Rule

Admit you're angry.
It's easy to say you're
frustrated, confused or anxious.
If you embrace your anger
you are on your way to a solution.
Denial is the number one offender.
There's nothing wrong with being
angry and admitting that fact is
the start of a new direction.




Manage your anger here!
No need to call Human Resources.
Use this site as an anger management tool.
Use your rage effectively
here in cyber space.

Manager your anger cheaply
here ... online.

Don't blow steam by smashing your PC!
Do it here, safely, in cyberspace.
Vent your rage.
Go crazy but don't harm anyone.
If you are really angry visit
Whack Your Boss
It's my great classic way to
manage anger.
You will love whackyourboss.com!

Or Else.

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